1 in Galvanized Nu-Bolt with Peek with Flats (1/4 Stock √ò)

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Nu-Bolt® assembly for 1 inch pipe with I-Rod® Peek pipe support material machined with Flats and 4 nuts, shipped unassembled. (Imperial)
- 1 x HDG U-Bolt ASTM A36 1/4-20 stock with Polyshrink‚Ñ¢
- 1 x I-Rod® Peek support: cut and drilled, ends machined with Flats
- 4 x HDG heavy hex nuts 1/4-20

U-Bolt Size: 1 in NPS x 0.25 in bolt stock

Bolt Stock (in): 1/4 inch (0.25)

Bolt Coating: Hot Dip Galvanized

Polyshrink: Standard

Gripping?: Gripping

I-Rod material: Peek (tan)

Temp: up to 480°F (249°C)

I-Rod Size: 0.75 in dia x 0.3125 in height

I-Rod length (in): 3.0

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